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    Sunday, 29 March 2009

    Millipedes: Sluntum / Giant Pill millipede from rejang land sumatra

    Giant Pill millipede from rejang land sumatra
    Giant pill millipedes are short and either dark brown or black. This species is found in Rejang Lebong ,Sumatra

    Scietific classification
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Arthropoda
    Class: Diplopoda
    Order: Sphaerotheriida
    Family: Zephroniidae
    Genus: ?
    Species: ?
    Giant pill millipedes are found in forests, fields, and gardens, usually in leaf litter. Unlike most millipedes, but  is i still didn't know what species it is, this millipedes belong is a member of the Sphaerotheriida order and from the Zephroniidae family  is better equipped to deal with drier conditions. It is often active on bright, sunny days and afternoon. if anyone readers know about the name of this species please inform me. Image Location : Talang Rimbo LamaVillage, South Curup District, Rejang Lebong Regency
    References :
    1. Thank To : Matt "Furryscaly" Reinbold for the informations

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    1. While this is a very impressive specimen, I must inform you and readers that this is not Glomeris marginata, nor is it related to said species.

      G. marginata is a member of the Glomerida order of millipedes, is native to Europe, and doesn't get bigger than a pea.

      This millipede is a member of the Sphaerotheriida order, which are much larger. Based on the location of Sumatra, this must be from the Zephroniidae family, though I couldn't tell you the genus and definitely not the species.

      It's common mistake, but one that I must point out for the sake of future readers.

    2. well..thank you very much for the informations,,
      but can you tell me, where i can find the references about Zephroniidae family


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