Orchid Epidendrum sp From Kaba Mountain

Star Orchid From Rejang Land Area In Rejang Land its called anggrek soka, because it the flowers like soka flowers, in Indonesian Language Called as Angrek Bintang (Star Orchid). I found three species in Rejang Land, taken near Kaba Mountain.
I want to know abaut this species, some body say it Epidendrum sp, but just wonder coz i read in book, they say its from South America Origin, like Cuba, Panama and Venezuela. If it is true from there, how this orchid arrive to Rejang Land forest? or its taken by english men or dutch when they colonism us for more than hundreds years? or this is different variant of epidendrum? Other pic can see at linkEpidendrum Ibaguense or not? Pls inform us.
For temporary, i just compare the photo with similar photo in flickr.com, any body can inform us abaut this orchid name or other information? Its really help us to indentify.
Epindendrum radicans or not? Pls inform us.
Epidendrum Radicans or not? Pls inform us.

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  1. ok dech....
    thanks... dah kasih info tetang curup.
    saya suka curup..


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