The Monkey and the female Cecalik Bird

The song in Rejang fable ( The Monkey and the female Cecalik Bird in the short Rejang fable are in malay ) the monkey Begins : "Cecalik,cecalik, dimano sarangmu?" "Cecalik,cecalik, where is your nest?" "Di Rumpun padi, beuk!" ( the female cecalik : ) "Between the rice stalks,monkey!" "Di rumpun padi, kalu miang?" (the monkey : ) "Between the rice stalks-what if the hairs make you itch?" "Miang ku ( Aku ) mandi!" padeak cecalik. "if hairs cause itching-then i take a bath!" quoth the cecalik Padeak beuk : The monkey says: "Mandi,kalu dingin?" "take a bath-what if you get cold?" "Dingin, aku jemur!" "if i get cold- i shall dry in the sunshine" "Jemur- kalu panas?" padeak beuk "dry in the sun- what if you get too hot?" "Panas, aku betudung!" padeak cecalik "too hot, then i'll use sunhat!" "Betudung, kalu dimakan tumo?"padeak beuk "Use sunhat, what if the lice eat you?" "Makan tumo,aku mati!" padeak cecalik "Eat lice,i'll shall die for that!" (i.e i'll give my life for it ) quoth the cecalik this unexpected cunning answer of the bird makes the monkey laugh,so that the bird can fly away from the monkey's open mouth Source : Helfich's collection of folktales (p.248) Material For a Redjang Indonesian English Dictionary by M.A Jaspan ( p.146-147)

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