Culture : Mengandak

Mengandak  comes from the word andak, in the Rejang language means "stop", so can be interpreted as  "stop in place"

when they are dancing and move near to the border, they will stop dancing, they are not satisfied with dancing, so the dancers express what they feel through sambai.both man and woman dancers sit againts each others in the middle of hall, which redap, lamps, baskets of betel are put in front of them, both man and woman  hold  their fan,then cover their faces.While  accompanied  by elder of sambai  They will deliver their words and reciprocated rhyme to each others in sambai, Once satisfied deliver his words, each of them stood up to dance again.

from hand movements, fingers and worship can represent their understanding, whether they are not agree or disagree to their partner. For example, when the first worship comes, they will release their right hand off to the right or down.

Sambai andak is performed during kejei, sambai usually is not related with sumbai, because the bachelor Bachelorette  sambai have different languages and rhythms.

besides those were mentioned above, there are also using  the rhythm :
1. Berjung
2. Berdai
3. Mendula
4. Geritan

Musical Instruments
1. Ginggong
2. Rebana, 
3. Ketipung.
4. Gendang panjang.

by : Andy Armanda – Radio FOUR FM Curup
source: asal usul adat bimbang di tanah rejang – A.sani ( )
Edited by : Curupkami

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