Fauna : Bronchocela jubata - Green Crested Lizard from Rejang Land Sumatra

 Bronchocela jubata, or more commonly known as the Green Crested Lizard, is an agamid lizard found in Indonesia,Although in the past it was thought the species may be found in India, either on the mainland or in the Nicobars, this is not the case according to herpetologist Indraneil Das. It is also be known by the name of "bloodsucker", although this is a misnomer.

The Green Crested Lizard is 550mm in length, witha long hanging tail making up four fifths of its length. It has a jagged crest on its neck which more closely resemble hairs, as opposed to the crest of its close relative, B. cristatella, which more closely resembles the points on a crown. The crest consists of elongated scales, although it is flabby like skin.

The head is square in shape, and there is a soft sack under the chin. It has large, flexible eyelids made of fine speckled scales.

The dorsal area is coloured from light green to dark green, and can change to brown or black if feeling threatened. A rusty coloured stain appears under the throat. More spots, often blurring to form a stripe, appear on the shoulder and the front lateral side. Towards the back of the lizard, the colour becomes duller.

The underside of the lizard is yellowish to white under the chin, neck, stomach and the back of the legs. The bottom of the hands and feet are a yellowish brown. The tail is coloured green at its base, with bluish stains. Towards the end of the tail, the colour becomes a dull brown with whitish spots on the tip.

The scales of the Green Crested Lizard are hard, course and strong. The tail has an angular feel.

Scientific classification

B. jubata

Binomial name :
  • Bronchocela jubata,Duméril & Bibron, 1837

Image Location: Talang Rimbo Lama Village,South Curup District,Rejang Lebong Regency

References :
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronchocela_jubata

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