Tomb of Depati Condong Cemetery Site

At photo below is a tomb of Depati Condong. The tomb made from stone and have grave using that I predictable as Ka Ga Nga alpabeth. Till today I try to collect story from people stay at nearby, but nobody can read the alpabhet or symbol in grave stone at the Tomb. Still in mistery. In epic Rejang story according of Depati Condong descendant, a few Depatis very brave at war, they are guardian for Palembang Kingdom. I dont know its true or not, I just hear the story from any people live in village not far away from this cemetery. Also, I try to looking for any data in a few source and library, but I dont find at all about story of Depati Condong. (May be some reader here can infrom me if know the reference? pls let me know :)
Depati condong tomb with Ka Ga Nga alphabet grave.
Depati Condong cemetery from a side view.
This the tomb near Depati Condong cemetery, let see the Ka Ga Nga there. This cemetery believe as part of Depati Condong`s army.
Depati condong is Rejang Lembak anchestor too. The located a bit far from Depati Krio Tandan and Depati Pekal cemetery site. This is separate area. The locatian at Tanjung agung, part of Rejang lebong regency, Bengkulu province, Sout west sumatra region, Indonesia. text and photo by : tun jang

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