Fauna : Pelochelys cantori sp from Rejang Land, Sumatra

Sumatra Giant Softshelled Turtle Tipei Lei (Rejang language)
This is Asian Giant Softshelled Turtle, from Curup town, Rejang Land, Sumatra. This found by people at June 3rd 2009, 80 Cm wide and 125 cm length. The head closed to as biggest as with adult human knee.
Pelochelys cantori sp from Rejang Land, Sumatra
Information from LIPI : Giant Softshelled Turtle (Labi-Labi Raksasa) ( Pelochelys Cantori sp).
Swampy Forest: Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua.
Status: CITES - Apd. II, IUCN - Gristle.
Source Of : News Market Fish, Directorate Marketing Of Home Affairs Directorate General Processing and Marketing Of Result Fishery of Department Oceaninc and Fishery of indonesia, 2007. Credit photo :
  • Photo 1 by Harian Rakyat Bengkulu, edit by Tun Jang
  • Photo 2 by Dr. Aceng Ruyani , edit by Tun Jang
Source: rejang-lebong.blogspot.com

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