Flora : Amorphophallus rivieri in Rejang Land, Sumatra

This is Amorphophallus rivieri that grow and will bloom soon at Air putih lama Village, Curup Town, Rejang Lebong regency, Rejang land, sumatra. In this local language, rejangese call as Bungei Kibut Mejoa, and Lembakese call as Bunge Kibut Milat. In Rejang Land this species often found in wild nature especially at they traditional plantation farm.

Photo by Mr. Alex Muhibat Location: Air Putih Lama Village, Curup Town. Site: ht*p://rejanglebong. blogspot. com http://rejang-lebong.blogspot.com/2009/04/amorphophallus-rivieri-in-rejang-land.html ht*p://www.tu-darmstadt. de/fb/bio/bot/amorphophallus/

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