Rhacophorus catamitus, frog endemic at Kaba Mountain, Rejang Land, Southern Sumatra

Rhacophorus catamitus
It was found in marshland areas in Gunung Tujuh and Renah Kayu Embun survey sites. The frog never found in the forest. Based on Harvey et al.(2002), this species occur s in forest of the Bukit Barisan range. Males were usually found on low vegetation near to fast moving streams or standing water. In Gunung Tujuh and Renah Kayu Embun, it occurred at elevation about 1400 meters asl. It has been collected at elevations between 600 to 1630 meters asl (Harvey et al., 2002). It was common species in Gunung Tujuh, but became scarce in Renah Kayu Embun. It is endemic frog in Sumatra. This species has been recorded from the Gunung Dempo, Sumatera Selatan, from Bukit Kaba, Bengkulu, from the Bukit Barisan range near Kepahiang, Bengkulu and from Tapan, Jambi (Harvey et al., 2002).
R. catamitus from Gunung Tujuh (Photograph by J. Holden).
credit : rejang-lebong.blogspot.com

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