Pigeon Orchid / Dendrobium crumenatum

Anggrek Merpati / Pigeon Orchid / Dendrobium crumenatum This orchid is quite famous in the Rejang land.and now it is orchid-blossom, along the Sukowati road can see orchids in bloom is on the tree-lined protective edge of the road. but This picture was taken in the Belumai I village, Padang Ulak Tanding Subdistrict .
About Anggrek Merpati / Pigeon Orchid / Dendrobium crumenatum
A member of the family Orchidaceae, Dendrobium crumenatum produces white, fragrant flowers with a yellow tinted throat. The bloom cycle is triggered by sudden drops in temperature (at least 5.5 °C or 10 °F), usually as a result of rain, although the same effect can be artificially created. The plant produces a fragrant smell, but only for two days. From the side view, the orchid resemble a flying pigeon; that's how it's known commonly as the Pigeon Orchid. Other common names are Sparrow Orchid and Bag-shaped Dendrobium; "dove orchid" usually refers to the genus Peristeria, but sometimes to D. crumenatum. A tropical epiphytic plant, this orchid is most common in Malaysia, as well as in Singapore; found growing naturally on trees in the tropical forests, this fragrant orchid is used in landscaping (eg: roadside planting) as a decorative plants. In the University Putra Malaysia (UPM), the plant can be found living on the trunk of Samanea saman (rain tree) along the entrance of the main campus. In nature, the orchid plant can be observed in the Air Itam Dam and Penang Hill in Penang. In some states of Malaysia, as in Perak and Pahang state, the Pigeon Orchid is associated with spiritual beliefs. The Malay community would plant the orchid in front of their house, usually near to the entrance door, as an talisman for protection. It is believed that the plant is able to ward off evil forces from entering the house. Foto :Pigeon Orchid at Blumai I Village, Padang Ulak Tanding Subdistrict http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigeon_Orchid

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