Tebo Kabeak Video Song (The Kaba Mountain Video Song)

This is the etniq Rejang Balada Rithm song. The song accompany with single strum gitar with singer bring us about The Kaba Mountain story ( Tebo kabeak). Shooting at the summit of Kaba Mountain as background, will bring you to watching how beautiful Kaba Creater, one a few mountain series in Rejang land. The singer tell us about Rejang anchestor previously be imprisoned in Kaba Mountain. So that why a few Rejang people till today supposed the Kaba Creater as sacred place. In other session you can see the ladies and gent wearing traditional Rejang cloth dancing, they dance at foot mountain area. We try to show you how ladies and gent from Rejang Land dancing with polite act and enthrall. So do not wait to play the clip, and enjoy it :)

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