AMORPHOPHALLUS BULBIFER Voodoo Lily In Rejang Land we can found four species amorphophalus, one of them is Amorphophallus Bulbifer. Eventhoug the flowers not as popular as titan arum, but this flowers more beautifull and have soft color. So that why in other country this plant call with vodoo lily i think. Even many native people in Rejang Land often find this plant in their plantation, but they are not interesting coz they think this plant unusefull, like other wild plant have growth.
Recently, it is difficult to find this plant in native plantation, but most possibility to find at rain forest at rejang land or other area rain forest of sumatra, like in Kerinci Seblat National Park. A few photo below try to discribe the vodoo lily, but this is taken from Rejang Land Outside, coz I dont find documentation from Rejang Land Area. but many scientist report they found this plant in Rejang Land. Reference:

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