Redjang/Kaganga alphabet

Redjang/Kaganga alphabet Redjang/Kaganga alphabet


The Redjang or Kaganga alphabet is descended ultimately from the from Brahmi script of ancient India by way of the Pallava and Old Kawi scripts. Some linguists claim that there is are connections between the Redjang alphabet, Egyptian hieroglyphs and various Semitic languages such as Hebrew.

Notable features

  • Redjang is a syllabic alphabet - each letter has an inherent vowel /a/. Other vowels can be indicated using a variety of diacritics which appear above or below the consonants.

Used to write:

Redjang/Rejang, an Austronesian language spoken by about a million people in Sumatra. The Redjang alphabet is used mainly to write magic spells and medical incantations and some poetry.


Redjang consonants

Vowel diacritics with ka

Redjang vowel diacritics with ka

Thanks to T. R. Carlton of the University of Alberta for corrections to the script chart and for additional information.

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